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Stay in Top Condition

Keep your business in the best shape with our fleet maintenance service. Our cost-effective repairs, services, and MOTs are great for keeping you ticking over.


Watch Out for Your Vehicle

A commercial vehicle is often vital to a company’s operations. When you can’t afford for one to be off the road, contact us for cost-effective LCV repairs and servicing.

Look After Your Car

With our car repairs and servicing you’re able to ensure that your pride and joy isn’t carrying any problems. Book in today to get a comprehensive report on your little motor.

Stay up to Date

An annual MOT comes around quicker than you’d expect, and it’s crucial that you’re up-to-date. Our team of experts are ready to test your vehicle, and to provide work if necessary.

About Us

At Faraday Mill Car & Commercial, we offer car and van maintenance services to individuals, companies, and businesses from across Devon. Our team of highly-trained professionals are able to work on most vehicles, including cars, vans, and commercial vehicles. With experience in a range of roles, a full class 4 and 5 MOT testing station, and passionate technicians, we’re the obvious choice for Devon.

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